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You want to make change happen in your organisation.

You want to deliver a great service and experience to your customers and your people. You want to free yourself from legacy technology constraints, and put in place the right technologies – in the right way – to help you achieve your vision.

But it’s hard.

That’s why 70% of change programmes fail.

And why too many organisations are stuck in an endless cycle of initiatives that fail to deliver.

You may have experienced this yourself. There are so many moving parts it’s difficult to know where to start. What to focus on. And how to stay on top of it all.

At Rainmaker we deliver complex transformation programmes. But what always frustrated us was the mountains of documents, slide-decks and excel sheets – many saying different things entirely – that just got in our way when we’re trying to make things better.

We realised what was needed was a tool to help you plan and execute your transformation programme. And a single place to keep track of it all in one place so you see real value, mitigate risks and avoid failure.

That’s why we created Wemvula.

To make it easy to transform your organisation intelligently.

Co-create services that delight

You know how vision statements sound great in workshops, but quickly get forgotten?
With Wemvula you can stay on the right track by keeping your vision, values and principles front of mind at all times.
Then, with your vision set, you can start to put together the right strategy.
Rather than guessing. Or copying what your competitors are doing. Wemvula allows you to create great looking Wardley maps so you can work out what to focus on, where there’s duplication and bias. And what to do about it.
We often find 15% – sometimes up to 40% – in technology savings with Wardley mapping alone. And Wemvula is the first tool to make it easy to do.
Want to become more customer-centric?
With Wemvula you can create user personas based on the goals, needs and pain-points of your customers and your people. That means you can make sure the changes you’re making make their lives easier, more enjoyable and more exciting.
It’s the same approach companies like Uber, Airbnb and Spotify use to innovate. And Wemvula allows you to keep them in one place elegantly.

We’ll clearly define how to take logical clusters of your business components and apply design in a way that ensures we deliver your Vision

We work with your team to bring together what we learn from Wardley Value Mapping and User Research and apply our Design Thinking in terms of creating output that has clear outcomes, is measurable, is not complex and allows for experimentation and iteration. It is these Blueprints and Playbooks that become your Digital and Business Roadmap. And we are perfectly placed then to partner with you to optimise, implement and run the services we have co-created with you.


Change Management

In order to create an aligned and adaptive Transformation Roadmap, you need a clear and aspirational Vision.

Not one that is created by a third party or created in a silo within your team. But rather a Vision that is co-created with and subsequently bought into by the business. It must take into account your business objectives, the issues that stand in the way of achieving those and it must challenge and inspire you. It must be underpinned by a set of values that support it. And it must be underpinned by a set of Guiding Principles that is ratified and understood by the business. We call this Clarity of Purpose.

Extending beyond technology to include culture, process, collaboration and adoption of an approach that has been co-created.

Rainmaker works with your business to ensure that your Digital Strategy is adopted as a key business imperative. In order to avoid the legacy mistakes of the past, Rainmaker uses value mapping techniques to define your business architecture. We compare your ‘as is’ environment to your aspirational “to be” state. We look at all the components of your business in order to determine inefficiency, waste, duplication and to identify where your efforts should be focussed in order to achieve your vision.

Service Design

Enterprise Architecture
Wardley Mapping
User Research

At Rainmaker, we use Service Design to align your business with the needs of your clients, your market and the pace of innovation.

Most importantly, we ensure the needs of your people are defined to meet these external forces. We want your employees to get more done, your customers to be inspired and your market share to grow. And we apply those same disciplines to designing great products for ourselves, our clients and sometimes the citizen as well.

Digital Development (Lightning Labs)

Lifecycle – discovery, alpha, beta, live, retire.

Now you can get a great digital prototype in your hands in just one week.

What if you could see the impact digital could have on your business in just one week? Now you can.

At Rainmaker, we believe today’s intelligent organisations are moving faster and working smarter than ever before. That’s why we created the Lightning Lab – a new way to solve your business problems by injecting fresh digital thinking into your business, fast. You’ll get a great prototype that you can touch and play with in just one week. And, once you see the impact this can have, you’ll get working software in as little as one month.

An innovative new product? A more efficient way to do business? Or something truly revolutionary? Let Rainmaker’s Lightning Lab show you what’s possible.

IT Delivery & Operations

System & Service Integration

System and Service Management

We believe that the big System and Service Integration suppliers have taken advantage of their market, and customers, for too long.

Instead, we offer an ethical approach to System and Service Integration. We help you identify where you need absolute control (to differentiate yourself in your market) and where you can use commodity services to ensure you are efficient. We are a strategic delivery partner ensuring you achieve the best blend of direct internal control, outsourced services and commodity sourcing, and that it all works together seamlessly.

Robotic Process Automation

Lean process digitisation
Workflow automation
Workforce restructuring

It’s a given that Robotic Process Automation will deliver ‘faster, better and cheaper’

At Rainmaker we know how to achieve faster, better and cheaper, but also how you can use RPA to improve your speed of innovation, improve your customer experience, improve your compliance and help you innovate your operating model.

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