Chant says there are two important things to remember about ‘working out loud’: it helps others to be brave enough to do the things they want, giving them confidence and the opportunity to have a discussion.


And, more fundamentally, if you work in the public sector and you’ve got a problem to solve, the chances are, the problem has already been tackled by someone else. By talking about it ‘out loud’ — even when things go wrong — people will find solutions, he says. “The answer is out there” says Chant.

About Chris Chant

Chris Chant works with niche consultancy Rainmaker Solutions. Previously he served in a number of roles in central government including Ex-Executive Director of the G-Cloud Programme; Interim Executive Director of Government Digital Service (GDS); and Executive Director of Direct Gov and Digital Engagement in the Cabinet Office. He was responsible for the implementation of the Martha Lane-Fox report ‘Revolution not Evolution’ and launched the Alpha version of the GOV.UK website.