Insights   |   March 13, 2015

Time to ‘tell it like it is’ says G-Cloud founder

Video interview: Chris Chant, Director, Rainmaker

Chant says there are two important things to remember about ‘working out loud’: it helps others to be brave enough to do the things they want, giving them confidence and the opportunity to have a discussion. And, more fundamentally, if you work in the public sector and you’ve got a problem to solve, the chances are, the problem has already been tackled by someone else. By talking about it ‘out loud’ – even when things go wrong – people will find solutions, he says. “The answer is out there” says Chant.

Watch the video.


About Chris Chant

Chris Chant works with niche consultancy Rainmaker Solutions. Previously he served in a number of roles in central government including Ex-Executive Director of the G-Cloud Programme; Interim Executive Director of Government Digital Service (GDS); and Executive Director of Direct Gov and Digital Engagement in the Cabinet Office. He was responsible for the implementation of the Martha Lane-Fox report ‘Revolution not Evolution’ and launched the Alpha version of the GOV.UK website.