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Rainmaker expands into US, appoints Patrick Andersson as country MD

Rainmaker expands into US, appoints Patrick Andersson as country MD

Rainmaker Solutions is expanding into the United States and has enlisted business and technology executive, Patrick Andersson, as managing director for the region. Andersson joins Rainmaker as the firm continues to expand its global footprint amid a surge in demand...


Diversity — the importance of being weird and wired

At Rainmaker, we deliver transformation. And transformation means delivering big changes. Changes in ways of working, in culture, in processes and in how the business operates. It means understanding what organisations do and how they do it. It means understanding the...

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Manage outcomes, not people

Successful delivery is about people. As we all know an organisation can have the best and most innovative ideas, but unless it has the right people on board to deliver them, the business will fail. At Rainmaker we firmly believe in agile principles and methods....

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? Welcome to the conversation ?

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s also about people and culture change. That’s why, at Rainmaker, we ‘work out loud’ with our clients, sharing openly and transparently as we go ?. This helps us get things done faster ? and it also brings people...

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Our work

Ofsted’s Electronic Evidence Gathering

Ofsted’s Electronic Evidence Gathering

It’s fantastic to be helping Ofsted inspectors work more effectively by making best use of available technology. Here, Deborah Pollard, explains how the organisation is implementing electronic evidence gathering as part of a wider transformational programme.          ...

Newham Council makes progress on its digital journey

Great to be part of helping Newham London transform how they deliver services for residents. Here, Simon Putnam, Newham’s Interim Head of Digital Services, discusses how the authority is harnessing digital technology.     The challenges that we face at Newham are the...

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The Food Standards Agency’s Digital Transformation

We’re proud to have helped the Food Standards Agency transform its technology while saving 40% costs. Here, Phillippa Tasselli, the FSA’s head of IT Services, discusses the importance of three strategic and interlinked programmes.   We all know digital transformation...

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Designing a new digital service

Aware of Rainmaker’s broad experience providing digital solutions within Government departments, DIT approached us with a problem: how can we create a digital service that helps UK businesses grow internationally? The Department for International Trade (DIT) is a UK...

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Digital as a catalyst

Digital as a catalyst

Rainmaker is supporting Newham Council as it transforms its services for the digital age. Here, Client Lead, Steve Thompson, explains our approach to digital thinking. At Newham, we’re leveraging the power of Digital as a catalyst for entirely reimagining the services...

Your Business is on Crack

  How I.T. has you hooked on all the wrong things This is a bold statement and I’m sure you will immediately deny it. However, how else can you explain your acceptance of the ongoing failures of your IT department to meet not only the needs of your people and your...

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How to disaggregate in 18 months

  Mark Hastings of Rainmaker Solutions applauds the Government’s guidance on Whitehall IT disaggregation, but argues that it need not take anywhere near as long as the four years suggested. For many government departments, outsourcing IT services to large systems...

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The Rainmaker Rollercoaster is coming…

The Rainmaker RollerCoaster, the world’s first seven-day point to point gravel stage race, will take place from 6-12 October 2018 in the Western Cape, South Africa. Rainmaker has joined forces with HotChillee, the cycling event group behind the renowned LONDON-PARIS...

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Giving Back

Toby Gutteridge | Bravery

“I was given a second chance in life and I want to use it to make a difference.” Inspirational doesn’t even begin to describe Toby Gutteridge. We’re so proud to be supporting Toby and Bravery.Org through the Buffalo Foundation. Watch his story below, browse...

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Rainmaker ambassador wins Pride of Birmingham award

“I want to show people that we are all capable of amazing things. You have to dream big and have big ambitions and you can achieve your dreams.” Rainmaker ambassador, cycling’s 7-day world record holder, and two-time cancer survivor, James Golding, has won the 2018...

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