The financial services sector has become dependent on spending vast amounts of money with large consultancies and systems integrators that fail to deliver any major changes or reap any benefits.

As seen in The Sunday Times Raconteur Report: Future of Financial Services

Jan Joubert, CEO at digital transformation specialist Rainmaker, passionately shares his view:

His blunt message to chairmen and chief executives is that they need to break the habit fed by the IT industry, big consultancies and IT departments.

He warns: Corporate IT and outdated procurement practices perpetuate this archaic approach to systems and contracts. It often comes in the guise of a seemingly shiny, but actually ill-fated target operating model. Requirements are set at a fixed moment in time and are often spurious, bearing little resemblance to user, customer and market needs.

To make things worse, they spend up to 18 months procuring a supplier to deliver this mess and lock them in for five to ten years.

This is sheer lunacy because by the time it is implemented, it will be two to three years out of step with the business, users and clients. It is obsolete on delivery.

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