Service design

Transform your business by unlocking new potential, value and growth

How we help

How can you make your competition irrelevant?

How can you disrupt your own business – before your business gets disrupted?

How can you unlock new potential, hidden opportunity and lasting growth?

Our service design team helps you make these hard things happen.

At Rainmaker, we use service design to align your business – internally and externally – with what people truly need, want and desire. So your employees get more done. Your customers become loyal fans. And your market share expands.

Design that gets results

Unlike a stand-alone design firm, we focus on your business outcomes. Then build collaborative teams with design, commercial and technical expertise. That means you’ll get practical innovations that drive real-world results.

Plus we’re the only company to combine service design with the breakthroughs in behavioural economics.

As a result, we’ll help you achieve long-term, lasting, business transformation – often with small things that make a big impact.

We offer three tailored services:

Value Discovery

We help you spot hidden opportunity by starting with your business outcomes. Then uncovering the behaviours, needs, pain-points and unmet desires of the people your success depends on. Finally, we collaborate to show you practical ways to unlock hidden value fast.

Value Creation

We help you bring new ideas to life. Either by prototyping, designing and launching new value propositions. Or by improving the results you’re seeing across your business.

Business Transformation

We help you create radical change. Your vision. Your business model. Your organisational design. We help you transform them to thrive in the new economy. Then embed the culture change required for you to see continuous, lasting improvement.


Head of Service Design
Tom Cornwall