Embedding transformation to support new ways of working

Embedding Lasting Change

How can you be sure your transformation programme will deliver the required outcomes?

How can you know if your programme is on-track to deliver?

How can you sustain your transformation and deliver value for money?

Our platform, Wemvula, helps you make these hard things happen.

You need to deliver complex change. You need to take the right decisions at every stage of a major project to lay the foundations for success and reduce the risks of failure. You need to stay in control.

With Wemvula, Rainmaker offers you a powerful transformation platform that makes sense of your interconnected web of needs, service components and change activities. That understanding is crucial to achieving your aspirations.

About Wemvula

Wemvula is Zulu for Rainmaker.  The name is founded in the African roots of our CEO.  Not only is “rain” vital to life and indeed growth in Africa, it also gives rise to great change.

The platform helps you simplify your transformation activities and embed iterative and constant change.

Wemvula makes it easy to understand the “why” of service components and projects and to visualise and interrogate the various facets of a portfolio of services and change.

How Wemvula supports your success

An instant business overview

Wemvula helps your organisation “work-out-loud” and “co-create” its specific and unique needs, service components, change projects and supply contracts.  It provides an interactive tool that visualises these requirements and connects them with the business.

Stay in control

Wemvula changes the way you look at your portfolio of change projects.  It enables you to focus your resources where they will be most effective. It helps you focus on what is working and what isn’t, highlighting duplication, waste and mismanagement in time to intervene.

Avoid risk. Achieve outcomes

Wemvula makes risk management and assessing outcomes part of the way your organisation works, not a periodic afterthought. It quickly identifies the areas that need help, and tells you why.



Chief Technical Officer
Tim Hanley