Digital transformation

Transform your business for the digital-age

How we help

How can you transform your business for the digital-age without sacrificing short-term results? 

How can you empower – not confuse – your people with technology?

How can you embed lasting change with confidence?

Our digital transformation team makes these hards things happen.

You’re probably weary of cyclical, disruptive, transformation programmes. Grand ideas that take years to implement. That fail to deliver the expected benefits. That never truly align your technology with your business strategy.

You need a digital transformation that delivers results fast. You need to deliver new digital services that are aligned to your customer’s needs and replace out of date ‘legacy’ ways of working. You need to adapt to the rapid pace of business and technological change.

At Rainmaker, we’ll help get you there.

A proven track-record

We’ve developed a track-record for successfully transforming organisations to meet and embrace the challenge of doing business in the digital-age.

Rather than one-step big transformation, we work collaboratively with you. The result is a transformation that unlocks lasting innovation, value and growth in your business.

How we deliver success

Clarity of purpose

“Me too” strategies will fail to meet your unique requirements. We start by understanding your reason for change. Then help you develop a clear vision and values so you can achieve your business results. 

Be bold and do less

Technology should make your life easier. We focus our attention on removing complexity and cost by understanding what the key things that drive value in your business are and focusing resources accordingly.

People come first

We concentrate on what your people truly need. Then design simple, integrated experiences that place the customer at the heart of your transformation. 

Rapid value creation

You need to demonstrate results fast. We help you achieve this by delivering change in small achievable chunks, not huge complex programmes.

Embed continuous improvement

We adopt an iterative delivery approach, based on outputs not inputs. That way you can continuously adapt to changing needs.

Work out loud

We break down silos and work in collaborative teams across IT and the business by making things open. It makes things better.

We deliver this approach by collaborating with you to achieve your business outcomes.



Managing Director
Matt Hatton