Commercial innovation

Transform your business with commercial arrangements that truly meet your business needs


How we help

How can you unlock your business from expensive, inflexible contracts that stifle innovation?

How can you avoid getting locked into uncompetitive deals that hold you back?

How can you negotiate new deals that offer you better terms with less risk?

Our Commercial Innovation team helps you make these hard things happen.

If you’re changing direction you’re going to need to change a few things. Contracts. Terms. Deals. These that can keep your business locked in. Or set you free.

At Rainmaker, we help you move away from long-term, archaic, complex contracts. Then help you define and execute a commercial strategy that unlocks savings, new opportunity and a new future.

We offer a range of tailored services

Procurement and Commercial Strategy Development

You need agreements that deliver best value for money. We’ll help you develop a strategy to achieve this.

Bid creation

Whatever your industry or sector, the quality of a your response to a tender is vital for your business. We’ll help you create high-quality responses that put you in the best position to win.

Bid evaluation

When you need to select suppliers, we’ll help you develop tender documents that match what you need. We can also act as arbitrators to help you select the right supplier to meet your goals.

Estimation and Cost Modelling

Answering the “what if?” questions helps you make better decisions. We’ll help you develop fully functional cost models to keep you on the right track.

Contract Development and Review

The right terms, clauses and schedules keep your suppliers delivering to your needs. The wrong ones leave you at the mercy of someone else. Our team have decades of experience developing and reviewing the right commercial arrangements.

Contract Management

Managing performance is complex. We can provide a complete life to death commercial management service.

Project and Programme Business Case Development

Nothing should get approved without sound business justification. We’ll ensure that you provide the information to your internal approvers that justifies all projects and programmes from inception through to termination.

Dispute Resolution and Avoidance

Sometimes things go wrong. Disputes. TUPE issues. Service Level failures or breaches. The aim is always to act early enough to avoid. But if anything goes wrong, we’ll help ensure you get the best advice and guidance to limit the pain of any dispute.  

Lead Negotiation

There is no point in selecting the perfect supplier if you can’t ensure the perfect deal. Our lead negotiators will ensure the perfect supplier delivers the perfect deal, without turning the supplier against you.

Expert Advice on Demand

Sometimes all you need is just some quick advice and guidance. We can provide access to a pool of multi-talented individuals with decades of experience.


Chief Commercial Officer
Mark Forth