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Confidence and affinity
Vision and values
Situational awareness
Transformational roadmaps
Coaching, mentoring, delivery

We work with people like you to build the confidence to make hard decisions.

We help you to create affinity with your peers and flip those naysayers that think the status quo is okay.

We build true awareness of your market, political, user and technology landscapes. We translate these into a compelling vision, with values that underpin the ‘why’ your organisation deserves to win.

We challenge you to think differently about ‘where’ you prioritise your focus, and agree guiding principles that underpin all decision making on ‘how’ you will work and change.

We bring this all together to build groundbreaking transformational roadmaps that explain the ‘when’, that evolve as your organisation does.

We then roll up our sleeves and work day-to-day alongside you and your people to coach, mentor, upskill and take the lead in work that makes the hard things happen.


Supplier and Service Management
Market Engagement

We will work with you to disaggregate archaic, expensive, frustrating outsource contracts and transform them into a hyper-agile, lower-cost, user-centred platform of innovative services for your organisation. In less than 18 months.

We methodically untangle your organisation from the mess of dated, suffocating contracts and ingrained organisational silos.

We’ll apply logical design thinking, coupled with insightful user research and visual mapping to bring your future organisation in line with your vision. We’ll make it measurable, reduce complexity, and open up new opportunities to innovate and meet the evolving landscape of business.

We’ll use blueprints and playbooks to set out why, how, where and when to disaggregate to minimise risk, maximise gains and give you the confidence to know you’re doing the right thing.

And then we’ll work with you to get it done. From the first kick-off to live services and beyond.

Disaggregation as it should be. Delivered by people who know how to make the hard things happen.


Business, Digital and IT as one.
Change Management

We use Digital as a catalyst to create genuine transformation. Not another TOM/FOM, no 5-year rollouts. Real, agile, needle-shifting transformation, at pace.

We work with you to build a user-centred, value-led, iterative transformation that is clear on its purpose, is aligned with your strategy and is aware of the landscape in which you operate.

Once greenlit, we bring the full capability of Rainmaker to bear, embedded with your teams, to deliver our shared goals.

We use the latest frameworks, methods, tools, and thinking to power our energetic, bright, experienced people to provide pragmatic, sleeves-rolled-up help – from initial user research and blueprinting of services, commercial analysis, architecture mapping and prototyping through to digital inclusion interventions for staff, policy change, software development and live service delivery. And everything in between.

We know that digital transformation is not just about technology. It is about revolutionising culture, policies, processes, and your people. And making that all work smoothly through the right technology, where needed. So that’s where we focus. On users. On your people and their culture. On policies. On why and how the work is done. So that’s what we do.
And the results are clear. A real, agile, needle-shifting change in performance, at pace.


Service Design

Enterprise Architecture
Wardley Mapping
User Research

At Rainmaker, we use Service Design to align your business with the needs of your clients, your market and the pace of innovation.

Most importantly, we ensure the needs of your people are defined to meet these external forces. We want your employees to get more done, your customers to be inspired and your market share to grow. And we apply those same disciplines to designing great products for ourselves, our clients and sometimes the citizen as well.

Digital Development (Lightning Labs)

Lifecycle – discovery, alpha, beta, live, retire.

Now you can get a great digital prototype in your hands in just one week.

What if you could see the impact digital could have on your business in just one week? Now you can.

At Rainmaker, we believe today’s intelligent organisations are moving faster and working smarter than ever before. That’s why we created the Lightning Lab – a new way to solve your business problems by injecting fresh digital thinking into your business, fast. You’ll get a great prototype that you can touch and play with in just one week. And, once you see the impact this can have, you’ll get working software in as little as one month.

An innovative new product? A more efficient way to do business? Or something truly revolutionary? Let Rainmaker’s Lightning Lab show you what’s possible.

IT Delivery & Operations

System & Service Integration

System and Service Management

We believe that the big System and Service Integration suppliers have taken advantage of their market, and customers, for too long.

Instead, we offer an ethical approach to System and Service Integration. We help you identify where you need absolute control (to differentiate yourself in your market) and where you can use commodity services to ensure you are efficient. We are a strategic delivery partner ensuring you achieve the best blend of direct internal control, outsourced services and commodity sourcing, and that it all works together seamlessly.

Robotic Process Automation

Lean process digitisation
Workflow automation
Workforce restructuring

It’s a given that Robotic Process Automation will deliver ‘faster, better and cheaper’

At Rainmaker we know how to achieve faster, better and cheaper, but also how you can use RPA to improve your speed of innovation, improve your customer experience, improve your compliance and help you innovate your operating model.

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