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Expanding digital capabilities at Newham

Newham Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Newham. It oversees the administration of council services to over 341,000 residents of East London, including council taxes, social services, homelessness prevention services, safety and  enforcement, and waste collection services, amongst many others.

The challenges faced at Newham are the same challenges faced by every local authority in the UK — how to deliver great services with limited money and resources.

With residents and citizens not always finding it easy to engage with the council, complicated by a multi-ethnic demographic, with multiple languages and cultures, Newham was looking to technology for an answer.

Newham needed innovative digital solutions that would improve the financial position of the council, either through revenue growth or cost reduction, as well as improving how services are delivered and consumed.  



Focusing on business objectives & user needs

Rainmaker integrated seamlessly into the Newham digital team and led a discovery to identify the digital opportunities that would create the most benefit for the council.

The combined digital team developed a unique, repeatable solution to assist Newham’s Homelessness Prevention, Council Tax and Benefits teams. Focused on addressing business objectives and user needs, no work would progress unless it was expected to result in an improvement in the council’s finances.

The solution fully digitised the initial homelessness prevention activities of the Council and automated and simplified large portions of the customer contact processes inside the Council Tax and Benefits Departments.

The skills of the digital team were also dramatically improved through collaborative working and training sessions to teach and embed the core principles of agile working.


“You’ve led [digital services] brilliantly and I am delighted with where we are…. mature, well structured, excellent delivery.”

Simon Putnam

Interim Head of Digital Services


Delivering enhanced digital services

Newham is on target to achieve its three year financial targets.

The council is able to handle twice as many cases with its existing staffing levels thanks to the enhanced online experience.

The hard planning work is done. Newham has the basic, working engine to deliver enhanced digital services across the council, tackling the other opportunities identified in the early stages of the programme.

Newham is working to develop both digital services and an internal digital culture. One that questions the status quo and looks to reimagine the way they deliver services.