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Mobilising the FSA’s multi-supplier strategy

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is a non-ministerial government department responsible for protecting public health in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They are striving to become a leader in the application of technology within government, aiming  to transform the organisation so their people can work where they want to, how they need to — making them more open, more productive and more collaborative.

The FSA was spending £3.5 million each year on a single source model for its ICT managed services and a further £1 million each year on its other contracts and licences.

Rapidly evolving business demands proved this model to be inflexible and costly in meeting changing business objectives and it was preventing the FSA from taking advantage of new technologies.



Understanding user needs

Working collaboratively with the FSA’s key stakeholders, Rainmaker conducted multiple interviews across the organisation to understand how and why users interacted with technology, how data was being used to inform decision making, and the effectiveness of the existing ICT estate.

We found that the existing single-source arrangement for ICT was  ‘of its time’ and that the existing contract had not been let optimally. Static, rather than dynamic, it  had led to the existence of technical debt and current user needs not being met.

In-line with Government policy, we helped the FSA design and mobilise a strategy to bring control of its ICT management back in-house and move to a multi-source model in to facilitate the adoption of a more flexible, responsive, innovative and better value supply chain.

This work informed the initiation of a Continuous Service Management Improvement programme based on ITIL principles, moving the FSA from a focus on providing technology, to one that provides services using technology, support its commercial objectives and ultimately, the public.

Rainmaker leveraged its own strategic partnerships to design and build an FSA-configured strategic enterprise IT Service Management  toolset, underpinned by Service Now.


“Rainmaker are one of our strongest strategic partners, helping us to deliver cutting-edge transformation in both digital and tech. The team have been fantastic at understanding our people’s needs as we embark on some of our most ambitious transformations.

“We didn’t just want to replace our platforms, we wanted to fundamentally rethink this entire space and they’re helping us create something pioneering.”

Christina Hammond-Aziz

Head of Digital, Food Standards Agency


Delivering cost savings of 40%

The FSA has made a smooth transition to its new operating model, based on a mixed provision of in-house services and third party suppliers. It has new IT tools based on modern, commoditised technology sourced in the most cost effective and flexible way possible.

It has undergone a cultural transformation adopted ITIL core processes, aligned to best practice, which underpin the FSA’s in-house Service Operation and external functions, covering Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request, Access Management, Asset & Configuration.

Rainmaker’s flexible approach, which provided ownership of configuration and management data, whilst still enabling the use of commodity services to drive cost savings, makes it easier for FSA to manage suppliers in a consistent way, improving visibility for whole lifecycle cost management.

Through cross-team working, the FSA has better aligned the users of technology with core business objectives and activities.

The net result, ultimately, is improved performance across the entire organisation, delivering cost savings of 40% and better value for money for UK taxpayers.