At Rainmaker, we deliver transformation. And transformation means delivering big changes. Changes in ways of working, in culture, in processes and in how the business operates.

It means understanding what organisations do and how they do it. It means understanding the people who make change happen. Our ability to understand is improved through our diversity.

We need diversity of thought in the world to face new challenges — Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Katie Baggs, a junior designer, writes about how important the diversity of people and culture is to Rainmaker:

Our values

At Rainmaker, we genuinely live our values — integrity, straight talking and making a difference. We apply those values in everything we do from recruitment to the way we work and the way we make decisions on a day to day basis. We listen to what is needed and genuinely make the hard things happen for our clients.

Transformation requires bravery, flexibility and divergent thinking. We encourage our people and our clients’ people to embrace these qualities.

Rainmaker is growing to a scale that we have many layers and a depth to what we can offer our clients, whilst still operating in the innovative, agile way of a small startup digital agency.

Our people

We look for people from varied backgrounds. We have people who are ex-special forces. We have an ex-actress, and more recently, a world record holding cyclist. Our people set their own goals and determination in life and they bring this to the work they do at Rainmaker. It’s about what you did before, how you did it, what you learnt and applying that thinking to solving some of the problems our clients face.


Ever wondered what goes into a company video production?

This is not just an exciting time for our company because we are working with a diverse group of people, we are working with exciting clients who want to do things differently as well.

It means we are delivering inspiring and interesting products. We are in the business of transforming services in a way that match the audience they are created for.

Our ways of working

Rainmakers are encouraged to speak up; to be open, honest and transparent about what we think. We are well-equipped to have those #awks conversations when necessary, which come from building a trusted relationship with the client.

At Rainmaker, we ‘work out loud’ with our clients. We invite clients onto our tools, like Slack, Trello and Frameio. Open conversations bring the client on a journey with us. It means being open and transparent (and also brave). We co-design our products with the people who are going to use them. This gives ownership and stays with them long after we leave. It builds trust and interdependence.

Our mindset is about being open to change, which allows us to optimise our performance, just like a world class athlete or an actor in rehearsal. Mistakes and failure are embraced and taken into the next iteration to create the best possible outcome.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often — Sir Winston Churchill

When we talk about digital, we are talk about people. Having people from all walks of life brings together a diverse range of perspectives, which allows the team as a whole to see the full picture and results in better products. Products that sit at the centre of the organisations we work with and products that allow our clients to connect with their customers.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from our video production shoot for the website.