Rainmaker is supporting Newham Council as it transforms its services for the digital age. Here, Client Lead, Steve Thompson, explains our approach to digital thinking.

At Newham, we’re leveraging the power of Digital as a catalyst for entirely reimagining the services we provide to residents, visitors, and business.

Digital is not just technology — it’s the easy bit, by the way — and to limit your thinking as such removes most of the benefit of transforming using it.

Digital is about empowering people. Refreshing culture. Smart policies. Challenging misconceptions with real data. Making it inclusive. Building resilience. Streamlining Processes. And then, yes, finding the right technology to make all of that feel buttery smooth, a pleasure to use, efficient, and available where, how and when it’s needed.

We see it as a way of thinking, of being and of doing.

It’s not just about using the latest technologies. It’s not just redesigning a process, or making yet another website. It’s about looking at every part of the service anew. It’s about reimagining services by starting with users, not retrofitting them in. It’s about recognising we — as a council — exist because of them, and to serve them the best way we can.

It’s about building great services that people prefer to use.

And we’re on a mission to make Digital the modus operandi of everyone in the Council — from Mayor to front-line worker, service officer to service owner — starting with a host of priority projects.

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This blog was co-produced by London Borough of Newham’s Digital Servicesteam and Rainmaker Solutions, their Strategic Digital Partner.