The Buffalo Foundation’s recent day of giving to support Kwano Cycling Academy has been featured in Knysna-Plett Herald, a South African news outlet.

The Kwano Cycling Academy and Rainmaker’s Jan Joubert

Speaking to the Herald’s reporters, Rainmaker’s CEO Jan Joubert said:Last year was the first time we held a day of giving and we raised £8,000 (R134 000) for children living in an impoverished community in South Africa. Many of the children in Kwanokuthula live in poverty, don’t eat well and struggle with school. The risks of being drawn into gangs, violence and drugs are ever present. The Kwano Cycling Academy gives them a way out and a sense of purpose.

He added, “These donations will make a very real difference to young lives in Kwanokuthula. The Kwano Cycling Academy will be expanding its sporting and education programme, giving many more children from the local community a very real chance of a better future.”

You can read the full article here.