We are Rainmakers

We are passionate, we are dedicated, we are different.
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We make a difference.

We passionately believe technology should be something that enables our businesses to realise our greatest ambitions. But, for too many organisations, the reality is the opposite. They feel locked into complex, archaic, inflexible technologies that inhibit them, rather than being set free by intuitive and innovative solutions.

That’s why Rainmaker exists. We are a digital business transformation company that helps world-class organisations, across the globe, plan, implement and embed lasting change to future-proof their businesses.

Inspired people make a difference

James Golding, Rainmaker brand ambassador and world record holder. From death bed, one step at a time – TED Talk.

We are Rainmakers.

Rainmakers are a diverse and creative bunch, working out loud to empower and inspire our clients, as well as finding time for pursuits as diverse as cycling or painting.

See Rainmaker putting skin in the game and truly making a difference for local communities in Africa.



“We passionately believe technology
should enable businesses to realise their ambitions.”

Rainmaker is a digital business

[r]evolution company

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