Our Values. Our way of working

Rainmaker are a digital business transformation company. We help you plan, implement and embed lasting change to future-proof your business.

About Rainmaker

At Rainmaker our values define us. They are at the core of our engagements. Our people. Our way of working.

Our values are what attracts such great people to Rainmaker and are the reason they stay.

We are passionate about our values and look to work with clients that understand that and reflect those values themselves.

We are one company, one culture, guided by three core values.

Our values

Always do the right thing

We really mean this.  We are not afraid to walk away from potentially profitable work on the basis that it is counter to our culture or values.  We only employ people who understand our integrity, why it is important to us and our clients and therefore will defend it where ever necessary.

Straight Talking

There is no point in hiring an organisation to help advise you if they are only prepared to tell you what you want to hear.  This is a true differentiator when it comes to working with Rainmaker.  We actively encourage our team to provide appropriate challenge to both our clients and us as an organisation when needed.

Making a difference

People who join Rainmaker are committed to making a positive difference in our market, our clients and our organisation.  We actively look for clients who are working on projects that inspire us, are providing better public services or making significant change to people’s lives.

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