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Hard things like helping organisations transform for the digital age


At Rainmaker,
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We passionately believe technology should be something that enables our businesses to realise our greatest ambitions. But, for too many organisations, the reality is the opposite. They feel locked into complex, archaic, inflexible technologies that inhibit them, rather than being set free by intuitive and innovative solutions.

That’s why Rainmaker exists. We are a digital business transformation company that helps world-class organisations plan, implement and embed lasting change to future-proof their businesses.

And we are that difference, across the globe

The Rainmaker Way

How we generate value for your business

Clarity of purpose

We start by understanding your reason for change. Then help you develop a clear aspirational vision and values to match.

Value mapping

Using tools like Wardley mapping to identify the components that make up your business and visually represent the changes you’ll need to make.


We design based on what your business needs, led by your people, your clients and market forces.

Our Wemvula platform

Embedding transformation to support new ways of working

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