At Rainmaker we make the hard things happen

Like helping organisations transform for the digital age
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Hard things like

Co-creating services that delight. Dealing with legacy. Making change stick.

Delivering digital services, from concept to live, in less than three months.

Re-engineering processes and changing the organisation along the way.

Delivering the outcomes you need.

We put our skin in your game by putting part of our fee at risk on the basis of delivering what we said we would.

Reducing Information Technology costs by up to 60%.

Whilst dramatically improving technology and organisation agility.

Ensuring your success with our tried and proven transformation approach

Underpinned by our proprietary transformation platform Wemvula.


We narrate our work, whilst we are doing it, so we have complete transparency, engender wide engagement and aid knowledge transfer.

Being talent experts

Not necessarily traditional, but the best. Rainmakers share our values, buy into the Rainmaker Way, and above all else, are inspired.

At Rainmaker, our values define us

We are one company. One culture. Guided by three core values.

Always doing the right thing

When we say integrity we really mean it. We are not afraid to walk away from potentially profitable work on the basis that it is counter to our culture or values.


There is no point in hiring an organisation to help advise you if they are only prepared to tell you what you want to hear. This is a true differentiator when it comes to working with us.

Making a difference

Rainmaker is committed to making a positive difference in our market. We actively look for clients that inspire us, providing better public services or significantly changing people's lives.

See the Wemvula platform

Transform your organisation for the digital age, using the power of Rainmaker’s platform.

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