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Time to ‘tell it like it is’ says G-Cloud founder

Chant says there are two important things to remember about ‘working out loud': it helps others to be brave enough to do the things they want, giving them confidence and the opportunity to have a discussion. And, more fundamentally, if you work in the public sector and you’ve got a problem to solve, the chances are, the problem has already been tackled by someone else.

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Rainmaker works with organisations to drive alignment between client and supplier strategy.

Rainmaker works with organisations delivering services that include strategic business advice, digital transformation, transition to cloud, big data governance and commercial innovation in both the private and public sectors.

Great People

The Rainmaker team have extensive experience in both private and public sectors, in the UK and internationally. We work with companies ranging from funky start-ups to mature FTSE50 and Fortune 100 organisations. We’re friendly too.

Compelling Solutions

Rainmaker offers a select range of solutions we believe will help your organisation excel. We recognise the world is moving at a rapid pace, we know how to embrace that to help you leap ahead.

Skin in Your Game

We live and breathe your mission. Our rewards are your results, whether fixed price projects or outcome based.

Cambridge University Hospitals
Home Office
Highways Agency


Rainmaker has been instrumental in helping Uniting Care to become the preferred bidder in the integrated care contract. Their significant experience in procurement in the private and public sectors, has been invaluable to us as an NHS provider. Rainmaker’s leadership and constant attention to detail has meant we have achieved the best possible result.

Fran Cousins

Chief Operating Officer, Addenbrookes


Rainmaker have been invaluable in helping the Home Office define and deliver an innovative ICT strategy. Their expertise, coupled with their insights into the public sector and the supply community has helped us advance with confidence. They’re a great example of the value an SME can bring to government through the G-Cloud programme.

Denise McDonagh

Chief Technology Officer, Home Office


I found the output from Rainmaker quite excellent and provided evidence that Highways Agency is in a reasonable Cloud ready state for hosting; that there are companies available to potentially host us; and there is real opportunity to maximise considerable savings in hosting costs and also lead in time for procuring the service.

Head of ICT

Highways Agency

The Unacceptable.

Listen to Chris Chant’s disruptive speech that kick started the UK G-Cloud.


Four years on, is the state of Government IT still unacceptable?


Strategic Advice


Rainmaker offers consultancy services that are different from most, we offer skin in your game.


easel  Business and Strategic Planning

From launching a new business or product to helping you avoid your ‘Kodak’ moment – Rainmaker has the experience you need.

Dev  Digital Transformation

Rainmaker have an iterative, delivery driven mindset that will ensure user focused service design will be at the heart of your digital endeavours.

rgb  Disaggregation and MultiSourcing

The public sector is on an ambitious drive to design, procure and transition to multi-sourced services. Rainmaker believes this is a complex challenge. We are able to help assess and build commoditised, retained and multi-sourced operating models and delivery.

upload  Cloud

Looking to migrate services to the Cloud? Need help achieving maximum benefit? Unsure where to start? Rainmaker can help you, just as we have many public and private sector organisations.

cloud  Cloud for Governments

Cloud computing provides governments with opportunities to meet user needs more quickly, through adoption of instantly available commodity services. It also makes a vibrant service marketplace possible whilst increasing innovation, efficiency and value through competition.

zoomin  Big Data Governance, System Integrity and Security

Integrity, transparency and accountability for digital society. Trust without verification is a failed strategy. Rainmaker has unique and revolutionary insights, we can help you know the truth.

windy  Bid Support Services

Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Process are important steps in the procurement process and not many organisations or individuals have a wide experience of either. Rainmaker does.

money  Commercial, Financial and Procurement

Expertise that will best manage financial risk, maximise commercial opportunities and ensure the best possible value for money.




Rainmaker offers delivery services that make strategy reality.


magicwand  Transformation

Having a strategy is great, but transforming your organisation is hard. Embedding the changes is even harder. Rainmaker has the skills, knowledge and experience to make your transformation a success.

stack  Service and System Integration

Understand the landscape of components you will need, integrate them to deliver your services and then make sure you can operate and maintain them. Sound complicated? Rainmaker has sleeves-rolled-up experience and insights that will help you succeed.

check  Data/System Integrity

The Rainmaker team has a long pedigree of delivering, securing and supporting UK Critical National Infrastructure to user acclaim. We can bring that experience to you.

upload  Cloud Migration

Rainmaker has impeccable experience in building services using cloud computing foundations as well as migrating existing services to each of the cloud computing service models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

Dev  Digital Transformation

Rainmaker have an iterative, delivery driven mindset that will ensure user focused service design will be at the heart of your digital endeavors. Rainmaker will help you achieve early and sustainable success through a proven approach.




Rainmaker offers a select range of solutions we believe will help your organisation excel.




Truth, not Trust. Groundbreaking technology from Guardtime brings integrity, transparency and accountability to digital society.




LiveEngage. Create meaningful, real time customer connections, that help you make digital, personal.

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