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Why Rainmaker?

HS2 User Research Project: Luddites Won’t Let Me Skype In

Discovering the IT needs of the HS2 team and empowering them to bake user research into how they build the UK’s best and fastest railway.

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Crafting a needs-based digital ecosystem at the heart of HS2

With 2026 slated for the first live trains on our country’s new high speed rail network the tricky, but genuinely exciting, problem facing the IT team at HS2 is how to plan and build technology support when no one really has any idea what technology will allow us to...
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Funding Transformation Part 3: Identifying the Opportunities

The third and final blog on our comprehensive guide to making significant cost savings from your ICT spend. Parts one and two of this blog series looked at the context of funding transformation and the foundations you need to build for successful savings projects....
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Funding Transformation Part 2: Foundations for a Savings Programme

Clear direction, targets & strategy plus collaboration are all key foundations to enable the delivery of cost savings to fund transformation.

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Funding Transformation Part 1: The Starting Point

In a world where organisations find themselves in the difficult position of having to ‘save to spend’, existing large supplier contracts can be a rich source of savings to fund transformation.

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Creating excellent digital services around user needs

In a unique, cross department development, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) are working together with Rainmaker Solutions to develop a new digital service which will enable staff to better serve and support customers both here in the UK and abroad.

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Putting the dream team together

Getting the right team together will awaken “a massive pent-up demand for change” says Denise McDonagh, who describes how to make your organisation an attractive, stimulating place to work and in doing so, create an IT department that saves the whole organisation money. If you are not having some ugly battles, you haven’t gone far enough.

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Transformation at pace – the strategy is delivery

In any organisation undergoing a change in strategy you need a clear, easily articulated vision. Everybody has to understand the new direction quickly because their contribution to its development – and ultimate achievement – is critical.

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The Chris Chant perspective

Chris Chant has long been one of the most controversial voices in public sector IT. Formerly executive director of the G-Cloud programme in the Cabinet Office, he is now with consultancy Rainmaker Solutions, still speaking out and still ruffling feathers over how government does IT programmes.

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Leaders ‘don’t understand the revolution’

Old attitudes still dominate the thinking of many public sector leaders, who fail to grasp the revolutionary potential of technology in public services, according to one of the former leaders of the government’s transformation campaign.

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Rainmaker works with organisations to help them excel.

As a niche consultancy, we work at the leading edge of supplier and buyer innovation.

Great People

The Rainmaker team have extensive experience in both private and public sectors, in the UK and internationally. We work with companies ranging from funky start-ups to mature FTSE50 and Fortune 100 organisations. We’re friendly too.

Compelling Services

Rainmaker offers a select range of services we believe will help your organisation excel. We recognise the world is moving at a rapid pace, we know how to embrace that to help you leap ahead.

Skin in Your Game

We live and breathe your mission. Our rewards are your results, whether fixed price projects or outcome based.

HS2 – Jan Ford

Rainmaker don’t beat about the bush. They have been able to tell us quickly what needs to be done, but in such a positive way that it has created fantastic results within the team – real energy, passion and a belief in our collective capability.

The team and Rainmaker worked together on each stage to co-create and co-deliver, and I’m pleased with the results. Rainmaker have acted as true critical friends and engaged with the team throughout.

Everyone needs to understand both the value chain of delivery and their part in that chain. Rainmaker helped us to embed this culture and integrate this thinking across the team. In sporting terms I would call them coaches! But it is real hands on organisational coaching from experts with tremendous experience and capability – and they are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and dig in when they need to!

Jan Ford

Head of Service Transition, High Speed Two

The Silver Line – Sophie Andrews

We are very pleased to have Rainmaker Solutions as a founding supporter providing technology advice and sleeves-rolled-up delivery co-ordination and assurance. We rely heavily on technology to get our message out to those who need our services and to those who would like to support us. Our services must be low cost and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we are grateful to Rainmaker for helping make sure this happens.

Sophie Andrews

Chief Executive, The Silver Line

UnitingCare – Alex Gimson

Rainmaker have given great insight and leadership into processes for managing very complex and large data flows, intelligent analysis of these and how to subsequently use them to inform future project planning and implementation.

Alex Gimson

Lead Clinician, UnitingCare

UnitingCare – Keith Spencer

Rainmaker provided us with excellent individuals, who really understood their specialist areas. But the real difference was the way they embedded themselves into the heart of UnitingCare. They stood alongside us as we strived to change the system, sharing our commitment and drive.
Rainmaker provided leadership in complex organisational redesign, skilfully reconciling the multiple factions to create consensus. UnitingCare is changing the way that the NHS works locally, and Rainmaker provided many of the innovative approaches in operational processes, contract negotiation and information technology, that have helped to make UnitingCare’s vision a reality.
Keith Spencer

Chief Executive, UnitingCare

Highways Agency – Head of ICT

I found the output from Rainmaker quite excellent and provided evidence that Highways Agency is in a reasonable Cloud ready state for hosting; that there are companies available to potentially host us; and there is real opportunity to maximise considerable savings in hosting costs and also lead in time for procuring the service.

Head of ICT

Highways Agency

Cambridge University Hospitals – Fran Cousins

Rainmaker has been instrumental in helping Uniting Care to become the preferred bidder in the integrated care contract. Their significant experience in procurement in the private and public sectors, has been invaluable to us as an NHS provider. Rainmaker’s leadership and constant attention to detail has meant we have achieved the best possible result.

Fran Cousins

Chief Operating Officer, Addenbrookes

Home Office – Sarah Wilkinson

Thank you for the great work you have done in many areas of the TRP/TPT program. We look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming years.

Sarah Wilkinson

Chief Technology Officer, Home Office

Business Services

Rainmaker offers consultancy services that are different from most, we offer skin in your game.

Advice is only as good as the results achieved. With real delivery expertise to augment our advice, Rainmaker makes strategy, reality

Rainmaker specialises in the pragmatic delivery of technology related business services. We are focussed on ensuring that you get the most out of your investments. This means helping you identify, tackle and deal with the “hard things” and ensuring you don’t fall into the trap of accepting anything other than the best.

Rainmaker always vests risk in the delivery of our advice.

easel  Business and Strategic Planning

From launching a new business, service or product to helping you avoid your ‘Kodak’ moment – Rainmaker has the experience you need.


Dev  Transformation

Rainmaker have an iterative, delivery driven mindset that will ensure user-focused service design will be at the heart of your endeavours. We provide leadership and management through the full transformation lifecycle.


rgb  Technology and Infrastructure

From adopting cloud technology to multi-sourcing Rainmaker can help you devise and implement the right technology strategy for your organisation. We are able to help assess and build commoditised, retained and multi-sourced operating models and delivery.


money  Commercial, Financial and Procurement

Expertise that will best manage financial risk, maximise commercial opportunities and ensure the best possible value for money. Our services cover everything from bid support to financial modelling and detailed procurement advice.


cloud  Cloud for Governments

Cloud computing provides governments with opportunities to meet user needs more quickly, through adoption of instantly available commodity services. It also makes a vibrant service marketplace possible whilst increasing innovation, efficiency and value through competition.

The Unacceptable.

Listen to Chris Chant’s disruptive speech that kick started the UK G-Cloud.

Four years on, is the state of Government IT still unacceptable?


Rainmaker offers a select range of services we believe will help your organisation excel.

We start with the outcomes you are trying to achieve, in order to deliver meaningful services to your organisation.

Our services are world leading, but our approach to your solution is iterative – your user needs, design, prove, implement – so that you can be sure our services will improve your outcomes.


Rainmaker creates management information which is meaningful enough to be measured against outcomes but most importantly leads to the creation, testing and implementation of actionable insights.


Rainmaker Health Analytics.

Outcome-led insights.

Your organisation’s knowledge + our data scientists x (working-out-loud + experimenting) = our acclaimed analytics service.

Together, we’ll produce insights that deliver your outcomes.

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