Rainmaker works with organisations to drive alignment between client and supplier strategy.

We cover both the private and public sectors, with extensive experience with each. We review and analyse published requirements, work on solution development and provide both leadership and support for creating markets where none yet exist.

Great People

The Rainmaker team have extensive experience in both public and private sectors. We work with companies ranging from funky start-ups to mature FTSE50 and Fortune 100 organisations. We’re friendly too.


Compelling Solutions

Rainmaker offers a select range of solutions we believe will help your organisation excel.

Skin in Your Game

We live and breathe your mission. Our rewards are your results, whether fixed price projects or outcome based.




Rainmaker offers a select range of products we believe will help your organisation excel.


guardtime_logo_icon Truth, not Trust. Groundbreaking technology from Guardtime brings integrity, transparency and accountability to digital society.
Live_Person_Icon LiveEngage. Create meaningful, real time customer connections, that help you make digital, personal.
PStransact_Logo_Icon Securely exchange information. Access data effortlessly. Help your partners help you.


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Rainmaker offers consultancy services that are different from most, we offer skin in your game.

Business and Strategic Planning – From launching a new business or product to helping you avoid your ‘Kodak’ moment – Rainmaker has the experience you need.

Bid Support Services – Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Process are important steps in the procurement process and not many organisations or individuals have a wide experience of either. Rainmaker does.

Cloud Viability – Looking to migrate services to the Cloud? Need help achieving maximum benefit? Unsure where to start? Rainmaker can help you, just as we have many public and private sector organisations.

Digital Consultancy – Rainmaker have an iterative, delivery driven mindset that will ensure user focused service design will be at the heart of your digital endeavors.

MultiSourcing – The public sector is on an ambitious drive to design, procure and transition to multi-sourced environments. Rainmaker believes this is a complex challenge and is able to help assess and build commoditised, retained and multi-sourced operating models and delivery.

Security Readiness – Use our expertise to assess and accelerate your security readiness.

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Cloud For Governments

Cloud computing provides governments with opportunities to meet user needs more quickly, through adoption of instantly available commodity services. Cloud Computing also makes a vibrant service marketplace possible whilst increasing innovation, efficiency and value through competition.

Some of the major benefits the UK has experienced include:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Adoption of a utility based and open cost model
  • Shortened contract lengths (2 years) enabling effective and regular benchmarking
  • Increase in SME buy-in, adoption and competition

Rainmaker helped the UK experience these benefits. We can help you too.

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  • Cost Reduction 50%
  • SME Involvement 60%

Market Making

We have strong experience in leading and implementing change, transition and community building activities across organisations, sectors and markets.

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